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Our dishes

Couple BeefGreen Broad been
in house special source
Sliced Pork w/Garlic sourceSweet&Sour Shredded 3 kinds Vege

Sichuan Cold NoodleSliced Kidney in Onion &
Sichuan Pepper Sauce
Sichuan Spicy Green bean Jello

ChongQing fish fillet with ChiliBoiled fish fillet
in a fiery sauce
Twice Cooked PorkDry-Braised fish with pork in spicy sauce

 Kung Pao Prawn MaPo TofuDry Fried Yellow Eel

Shredded Potato Green Soy Bean w/Tomato  Winter Melon w/dry shrimp Dry fried  Long  Bean
 Sweet & Sour Cabbage

"Long" Wonton Dumplings 龙抄手--
Boilled with a simple pork stuffing seasoned with ginger and sesame oil. The meat is extremely finely ground.

"Zhong" Crescent Dumpling 钟水饺 --Wrapped small and dainty, with a very plain ground pork filling, and are served with a heavenly sauce of chili oil, aromatic soy sauce, and garlic.

Sticky Rice Cake in Brown Sugar
source & soy been powder
  Yam Cake with Red been paste